Summer Chance #2

Following the Melody says project, Extraa’s music is endowed with pearled harmonies and an undeniable richness, which are not without denying the magnificent heritage left by the elders Robert Wyatt or The High Llamas. For listening to Extraa is like seeing the sky clear and the first rays of sunlight graze your skin weary of the winter dreariness. Their music breathes a real breath of fresh air, set on an orchestration that has nothing to envy to the vocal organ of the singer: Alix. Extraa obviously develops some admirations for some sixties standards and made it its credo, even if some tracks also evoke the sweet pop of the early 80s as it could be enjoyed at Sarah Records. We also fall for the rounded basses which come to dig a furrow where settle crystalline guitars which do not have any difficulty to carry pieces cut to seduce and which succeed in it without any difficulty. The group is composed of excellent musicians: Antoine, Alix, Thomas, and Pedro, bearers of freshness and simplicity.

In March 2020, the group releases its first single A Flower and A Man, then its first album in May 2020: BAKED, signed to the label Requiem pour un Twister, recorded by Alexis Fugain.
EXTRAA is placed in the cradle of the Beatles, but with the modernism, the inventiveness of the following generations, and the freshness of new ideas. Their music is a medicine that can be ingested as a remedy for depression.
With Extraa, it is the richness of the arrangements and the authenticity which prevail. 

The new album is an evolution of the identity that the group had drawn with Baked. We can still find classy and generous pop songs.
The songs this time gain in maturity, on one hand in their more creative and surprising constructions, and on the other hand in the presence of the voices even more inhabited than before. The choirs are more powerful, more recurrent: we are easily carried away by the voices that are exchanged between Alix and the choir duo Antoine & Thomas.
Through their melodies always as heady, it is a question of awareness, of the desire to learn to love and trust each other. The songs were composed over a year full of Covid, confinement, deconfinement, doubts, and irregularities. Alix was able to take advantage of moments out of time, to settle down, to take a step back, to compose, to look for each other, to end up understanding and appreciating each other. Because what is more difficult than to know who we are, and to love ourselves for what we are?

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What is “Summer Chance”?

On July 1st, 2020 we launch a call for projects dedicated to musical creation to support the emerging scene: “SUMMER CHANCE #1” is born :).
We wish then, taking into account the sanitary constraints related to the epidemic of Covid-19, to allow bands deprived of concerts, to finalize during this period a project of EP in professional and convivial conditions. Our partner, the Red House Studio, has all the qualities to welcome the winners: a magnificent house of 450 m2 in a peaceful and green setting, an ultra professional human accompaniment with a dedicated sound engineer and state-of-the-art equipment.
Among the many applications received during the summer, our selection committee has chosen four winners: Kids Return, LUNAR, Zoe’s Shanghai and Black Rooster.

The project is a real springboard for these musicians and we decided to renew it with a second edition by launching a new call for projects in May 2021: SUMMER CHANCE #2.
Four new winners are selected in September: Extraa, Saint-Victoire, Serpent and Yakie.
The residencies will take place at the studio between November 2021 and March 2022: intense sessions of energy, concentration and emotion!
The talents of « Quatrième Rue » are also at work to allow the winners to have an EPK or a live show to launch their EP.

Video to be released soon:)

Summer Chance #3 Teaser