IJSBERG – Mime show

Three individuals that everything seems to oppose, meet in a “no man’s land” as soft as brutal. A virgin space where the trees are alive, where Nature can slap you, where consciousness and unconsciousness cohabit and govern space and time. A glacial fable that invites us to question with humor and mischief our relationship with Nature.

“At low temperatures beauty is beauty”- Joseph Brodski

Direction and interpretation /
Alexandre Finck and Adrien Fournier

Musical creation and interpretation /
Jules Jacquet

Lighting design /
Jean-Baptiste Cadeau

Video creation /
Adrien Fournier

For its next show, scheduled for the fall of 2023, the Compagnie Discrète went to Sweden with the support of the Fonds Régnier pour la Création to begin its work of writing, collecting videos, images and sounds. A new creation without words where bodies will mingle with music and video, which will evoke the relationship between humanity and Nature.

The Compagnie Discrète was born under the initiative of two mime artists, Adrien Fournier and Alexandre Finck. This theatre company is focused on the art of mime – gestural theater. Thanks to mime and their work based on improvisation, poetry and humor, they offer a vision to the public while leaving it a freedom of imagination and interpretation.

Why mime?

“For the universality. The language of the body is universal, with only the actor’s body, without sets or costumes, everything can be created by mime. Any will of creation is pushed by a need to transmit something, to make pass a message. There are different ways to communicate, the word, governed by words, is the main tool in the art of the scene. We have chosen mime, an art where words are gestures, symbolizing movements of thought sometimes more eloquent than rhetoric. Mime touches all people and lowers the barriers of languages, generations, cultures and borders.
Our work is a mixture of several disciplines. A mixture of mime, body theater, cartoon and clown. The clown brings us the rigor on the stage and a different relationship with the public. It is through our training in mask and nose (given by Didier Girauldon) at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Tours that we created our artistic language. A strong instinctive and readable language that allows us to travel wherever we want, the only limit is the lack of imagination. Our own discipline: a contemporary mime. This gives us the pleasure of playing, it gives us the freedom of creation and the public, on its side, keeps its freedom of interpretation. For us, a creation is never finished for good. It remains alive and malleable. Thus our work remains in constant evolution.”