Photographic Mentoring of the Fonds Régnier pour la Création in partnership with Agence VU’

The Fonds Régnier pour la Création continues its commitment to emerging photography with MP#02, the second edition of its Photographic Mentoring Program created in collaboration with Agence VU’.
This new program aims to identify and support promising young photographers in the development of their artistic practice and their professional visibility.

The photographers selected for MP#02 are:

MP#02 pursues a triple objective: to accompany the development of the selected authors’ personal projects, to sharpen their understanding of the professional world and to give them tools to inscribe their singularity in the landscape of contemporary creation.
Each selected photographer will benefit, under the supervision of the VU’ team, from a personalized and transdisciplinary program combining project support by mentor photographers, expert consultations, participation in VU’Education program training, professional meetings, and group workshops. At the end of the 9 months of support, an event will present the projects that have been completed and reveal their talent to the general public and professionals.

The exhibition:

Under various forms and subjects, we notice in this edition the same questioning about transmission and a will to reweave links between past, present and future. Neither tabula rasa nor disruption. The origins, family history, childhood, gender and values transmitted are revisited. Without withdrawal or nostalgia however.

Thus, Lys Arango returns to the territory where her grandparents settled in the 1950s: the Asturias mining basin in Spain. She bears witness to the recent industrial decline in the region, where mining is in its final hours, and, above all, to the persistence of a working-class memory.
Charlotte Audoynaud traces the contours of a more evanescent territory, that of childhood, whose memory she seeks through the daily life of children who are no longer really hers, rendered by photography and in a vertigo, to light and nature.
Louisa Ben questions her Moroccan origins and throws confusion into the territorial and identity assignment by presenting portraits of young women whose nationality and place of residence she does not specify. With this series, she weaves an autobiographical story where a situation experienced by a whole youth tense between Here and Elsewhere is expressed.
Souleymane Bachir Diaw questions the injunctions conveyed by his native language and his education in Senegal. He tries to tell them, to deconstruct them and to subvert them, through the body and the clothes. The photographic studio becomes a laboratory for experiments in hybridization between tradition and modernity, towards new masculinities and spiritualities.
Finally, Maxime Michelet revisits family photography in a style that summons both the professional practice of posed portraiture and the amateur, pop and intra-family ritual. By focusing his attention more specifically on the relationships between brothers and sisters, he reveals the power of this first social group where our feelings of belonging and our needs for individuation are played out – and replayed throughout our existence.


The Fonds Régnier pour la Création finances the mentoring, the presentation of the projects and the associated communication.

To discover MP#02’s photographers:


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