By Léonore ZURFLUH, with the participation of Jonathan Genêt

Léonore Zurflüh has always been a dancer, body and soul. Of Swiss-German origin, she began her professional career at a very young age and has worked for many dance companies in France and abroad.
She meets us to tell us about her first choreographic creation in progress.

Imbued with the words of Marguerite Porete, a woman of mystical letters from the Beguine movement, who was burnt at the stake on 1st June, 1310 for her work The Mirror of the Simple Souls Who Are Annihilated and Remain Only in Will and Desire of Love, Léonore wanted to embody the poet’s freedom of thought on stage and evoke devotion to Love.
The work, which combines dance and theatrical interpretation, is centered on the transmuting dance of a female figure hungry for freedom in love, and which summons remembrance.

Léonore already has a clear idea of how she would like her creative project to unfold. She has already determined how much time she will need and identified the artistic residencies that can accommodate her.

The project is launched. From September to November 2019, the company Weit Weg (“Far Away”) has a residency in the Ménagerie de Verre (Paris), the Point Ephémère (Paris), the Télégraphe (Toulon), the U.M.A. (Laval) and the Préau (National Drama Center of Vire). A period of relentless work begins with the very accurate theatrical score of Jonathan Genet, and the precious support of Florent Colautti who composes a custom-made sound creation, and that of Patrick Laffont De Lojo who shares his know-how on the lights and does a video capture.

A performance of “end of residency” is organized in the national theatre of Vire on November 29th, 2019. The space is filled with the presence of Léonore, her emotions and the memories that she delivers without modesty.
The company was praised by the public and benefitted from warm feedback and comments from the audience. The spectators were seized by the raw sensations that Léonore offers, guided by intuition and the sincerity of the gesture.
The Nouveau Studio Théâtre (Nantes) will welcome the artists for a first public performance on March 17th, 2020.

A play to be programmed absolutely! Contact Léonore Zurflüh to get the long version.

“Silence, and black… I catch my breath.
Light, applause, little by little I become aware of where I am and what we have just gone through and created.
Greetings, great moment of gratitude that I dedicate to the theatre that welcomes us and to the people who have supported us from the beginning.
Thanks to their moral and financial support, we were able to create this dance piece in beautiful conditions and work with people we love.
This creation, this solo that never exists without the other, has made sense on this stage with an audience.
I am so grateful for the support of the Fonds Régnier pour la Création and to be able to live this human and artistic adventure.
I feel surrounded, embraced, helped and it’s very beautiful. “ Léonore Zurflüh

The Fonds Régnier pour la Création financed the work of the artists in residence, sound creation, costumes, technique and video capture.