Charlotte Audoynaud

French photographer, born in 1986, lives in Saint-Malo (France)

A 2016 graduate of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon, Charlotte Audoynaud proposes a poetic work that questions the notion of intimate territory.
Alone or in collaboration with composers, visual artists, video artists or philosophers, she leads a research between photography and writing, autobiography and a research between photography and writing, autobiography and fiction, natural environment and staged body.

Declined in several acts which echo each other, this sensitive cartography will find in MP#02 to be to be redeployed, enriched by a new set of images.

In her series J’irai creuser la mer (I will dig the sea), Charlotte Audoynaud traces the contours of an evanescent territory, that of childhood, of which she seeks the memory through the daily life of children who are no longer really hers, rendered by photography and in a vertigo, to light and nature.

“My birds are innocent, they have not known loss, absence, lack. They are life and joy, but also anger and tears. They are strong and fragile at the same time. Shipwrecked on an autumn morning, they move in a precarious balance, from rock to rock, from cracks to hollows, in a silent hubbub of foam. There a rocky landscape, an isolated beach serve as their ramparts, an unexpected territory of games, of experiments. They explore, climb, observe. An impassable cliff, an infinite sea as a border, they are alone in the world. A telluric and marine refuge, a steep reef of an imaginary island where everything is to be built. A world to which I no longer have access. From the threshold I probe the contours, the strata that mingle, the sand that rises and the ocean that leaks… “