Aurélien Goubau

Aurélien Goubau
Belgian photographer born in 1996
Lives in Brussels (Belgium)
Supported project:

Engineer by training, Aurélien Goubau realized his first photographic series in Ethiopia where he lived for 4 months as part of a scientific project. Back in Belgium, he developed his writing and trained in documentary photography at the ESA le 75 from which he graduated in 2022.

His photographic work documents the relationship of the inhabitants to their territory. Znamya, his first personal project, is about the promise made to the inhabitants of Murmansk (in northern Russia) to build an artificial sun over their city. Published in the Belgian and Dutch press, this work was exhibited at the Promenades Photographiques festival in Vendôme and at the Linx festival in Ghent. 

Series produced during MP#O3:

Granica, Shared border experience
Granica [\\]: derived from the Old Slavic “gran” (“mountain ridge”), means “border” in Polish.

“A dense, ancestral forest stretches out on either side of the border between Poland and Belarus, which today is marked by a 186 km wall. During my travels, I wanted to experience this border and try to detect the multiple tensions that characterize the region, experienced as a “limit” by the people I met there. A boundary that is nonetheless porous. Although each of them has a different perception of it, they are all closely linked to it, some of them natives, in the banality of everyday life, others, refugees from the Ukraine or southern countries, in the emergence of events. Individual histories, initially distinct, end up coming together in a shared experience of the border.”