Website of the company les Incomestibles
Project “La trilogie Molière”

Created in February 2014 by Augustin Roy and Manon Rivier, in Rouen, the company “les incomestibles” defends a popular and demanding theater. Its vocation is to address a wide audience, including those who do not spontaneously go to the theater. Refusing to produce shows that are easy to consume, it seeks to create works that “stand up to the test”, not leaving the audience passive but pushing them to get involved and take a stand.

Vladimir is a graduate of the regional conservatory of Rouen. He played in the participative project “La Nuit est à vous” directed by Marc Lainé, then in the Labo Corneille presented in April 2016 by the CDN de Haute Normandie, directed by Philippe Chamaux. In parallel to his training he is currently a founding member of the association Compartiment7, a semi amateur multidisciplinary group (dance, music, theater) whose first show “Cabaret sur la Ville” was directed by Francis Facon and performed in July 2015. He is currently playing in “Mon Royaume pour un cheval”, a show directed by Angelo Jossec of the Crescite company. We could also see him the summer of 2019 in Un soir au jardin, with the show Le Chandelier, directed by Bruno Bayeux.

After discovering theater at age 16, Rémi entered the Claude Mathieu school where he trained with Jean Bellorini, Brigitte Boucher, Christian Clouarec and Claude Mathieu. After graduating in 2010, he goes to Geneva where he joins a group of 12 actors. He followed a training course and then participated in two creations directed by Patrick Mohr. In 2011, he joins the training of the GEIQ theater at the CDN of Haute-Normandie. During this year, he works with several actors and plays in Arlequin poli par l’amour directed by Thomas Jolly (La Piccola Familia). He also trained as a workshop director for high school and college students. He then played in Un fil à la patte directed by Lise Quet (Hocemo Théâtre) and Tailleur pour Dame directed by Samuel Glaumé and Marie Lagrée. Today he works mainly for the Piccola Familia and the Sixth Hour, company for which he directed his first show: Sans Haine et Sans Crainte.

Angèle discovered theater at the age of 14 in the Compagnie du P’tit Bonheur in Charleval. After her baccalaureate, she decided to study English at the University of Mont-Saint-Aignan. During her studies, she joined the Still Kiddin’ Company in 2008 and performed in several shows in English and French until 2017.
In 2011, she joined the Compagnie Scènes d’Esprit and was directed by Marie-Hélène Garnier in Le Decameron des Femmes by Julia Voznesenskaya and Histoires d’Hommes by Xavier Durringer. In 2013, with a Master’s degree in “Cultural Professions”, she joined the Naxos Theatre Company for diffusion and communication missions until 2014. In 2015, she joined the Mumbo Jumbo Company to participate in ‘Crime Time’.
Currently, she plays in Nailed to the ground (2018) and Slavic Tales (2019) via the Compagnie Naxos Théâtre (Rouen), Les Fabuleuses Aventures de Nasr Eddin Hodja (2019) via the Collectif Les Chuchoteurs (Paris). In 2020, she joins the Compagnie La Vadrouille Immobile (Rouen) and participates in the shows Extrêmophile and Contes de la Pachamama.

Augustin Roy, trained at the Conservatory of the 9th district of Paris, then completed his training by integrating the 4th promotion of the GEIQ, within the CDR of Haute-Normandie. He has been seen as an actor in “The Venetian Twins” by Goldoni, “The Stone” by Edward Bond, “Embrace Folleville” by Labiche, and “DNA” by Dennis Kelly. He also plays in ” Sans haine et sans crainte ” co-written with Rémi Dessenoix for the company la Sixième heure. Since 2017, he works regularly with the company Tête Aux Pieds as a dramaturge, adapting ” Mon bel oranger ” by Vasconcelos and co-writing ” The Wine Lady ” which he also directs. In 2014, he created with Manon Rivier the company les Incomestibles. He adapts and directs with Manon Rivier “Modeste proposition pour vaincre la misère” by Swift, then “l’île au trésor” by Stevenson with Noelie Morizot. In 2019, he launches into “La trilogie Molière” for which he signs the dramaturgy and the staging.


In 2010, Manon joined the COP of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Rouen, where she obtained her D.E.T. with distinction. She then joined the 4th promotion of the GEIQ at the Théâtre des 2 Rives, in Rouen. Since then, Manon has worked for the Cie Les Crescite with L’imaginaire Forcé, directed by Angelo Jossec as well as the Cie L’An 01 with ADN by Denis Kelly, directed by Yohan Bret. Still on tour: Ouasmok ? by Sylvain Levey, directed by Anne-Sophie Pauchet, Cie Akté. / Exit, by Fausto Paravidino, directed by Anne-sophie Pauchet, Cie Akté. / Modeste proposition pour vaincre la misère by and Cie Les Incomestibles. / Résister et debout clamer la liberté, by and by the Cie Morphée. /MOLIERE Episode I: La Vocation, directed by Augustin Roy, Cie les incomestibles. / Bérénice by Racine, directed by Angelo Jossec, Théâtre des Crescites.
In Creation: KESTA by Manon Ona, directed by Anne-Sophie Pauchet, Cie Akté.