Summer Chance #4

Melodies of mirages; music of the body and of castaways.

Mélys’s debut EP ‘Agua’ was released in 2022, with a lyrical journey blurring the boundaries between Spanish and English. With her husky voice, she guides listeners to a sacred place of melody and melancholy.

Mélys describes her music as ‘floral folk’ – a world that fuses acoustics and electronics to give birth to innovative sounds and tones whether performing in a duo a quartet or solo. Drawing inspiration from the sensations of the natural world, she creates an evocative auditory experience that resonates with the soul.

Splashing onto the music scene with her debut EP Agua (2022) filled with organic tones and a certain aquatic approach.  Mélys’s new EP; For Once, has an indie folk touch to it and even leans towards sounds with a rock feel to them.

This EP speaks on relationships: connection with family, friends, lovers, sounds, and even to oneself. The act of giving, receiving and the depth of thosenbonds forged along the journeys of life.

She traveled, crossed seas, climbed scrappers in the hearts of busy cities, from soil to concrete, trees to buildings, stars to streetlights.

For Once features 5 tracks, revealing a little of these relationships. A father, a mother, a lover. Listeners may get lost in the dichotomies of the music and left to wonder… what’s real and what’s not?

Discover the space between town and city, folk and rock, English and Spanish, love and anger, and the melancholy of yesterday and a longing for tomorrow.

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What is “Summer Chance”?

On July 1st, 2020 we launch a call for projects dedicated to musical creation to support the emerging scene: “SUMMER CHANCE #1”  is born :).
We wish then, taking into account the sanitary constraints related to the epidemic of Covid-19, to allow bands deprived of concerts, to finalize during this period a project of EP in professional and convivial conditions. Our partner, the Red House Studio, has all the qualities to welcome the winners: a magnificent house of 450 m2 in a peaceful and green setting, an ultra professional human accompaniment with a dedicated sound engineer and state-of-the-art equipment.
Among the many applications received during the summer, our selection committee has chosen four winners: Kids Return, LUNAR, Zoe’s Shanghai and Black Rooster.

The project is a real springboard for these musicians, and we’ve decided to repeat it every year:
SUMMER CHANCE #2  in 2021 : Extraa, Saint-Victoire, Serpent et Yakie.
SUMMER CHANCE #3  in 2022: Mandelbro, The CZ et Torren.
SUMMER CHANCE#4 in 2023: Maeva, Mélys, Ooma et Paul Roman

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