Ophélie Loubat

French photographer, born in 1999
Lives in Paris
Project supported: MP#04

After studying political science at the University of Paris X Nanterre and working in associations with exiles, she began training in photojournalism and documentary photography at EMI-CFD in Paris in 2022. In 2023, she won the Prix Isem jeune photographe at the Images Singulières festival with her series Yves et Ismaïl. Her photographic practice responds to a desire to meet people and remember. It’s a way of shedding light on societal issues through the prism of intimate stories.

It is to the series Fusionnels, single parents and their children (working title) that she wishes to dedicate herself. Single-parent households account for one in four families in France. Single parenthood, whether voluntary or involuntary, falls outside the traditional family pattern. While these situations are becoming increasingly common, they also entail a degree of isolation, personal sacrifice and stigmatization. By entering into the intimacy of several families, she aims to address both the singularities and the difficulties they face, as well as the parent-child bond, which is often fusional. She also wishes to evoke the notions of resilience and identity-building for children, as well as the relationship with the intimate environment, an essential reference point for family equilibrium.