Myriam Martinez, French-Spanish artist, born in 1980, lives and works in Finistère.
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Project supported by the Fonds Régnier pour la Création : « Naevus »


Following studies at the Beaux Arts of Perpignan, she practises various artistic techniques to specialize since 10 years in the ceramics.
She participates in collective exhibitions (Grès gallery, Méandres gallery…) and personal exhibitions (sometimeStudio gallery, Lucien Prigent space…). Her creation residences (Rodin Museum/La Source-Meudon, La Briqueterie Museum…) give her each time the opportunity to rethink her sculpture in space, through this humble and fertile material that is clay. Myriam Martinez explores textures of body and organic nature through her sculptural practice, which she regularly presents in the form of installation in a reflection to space.
She is regularly enriched by artistic collaborations, notably in the visual and sound collective Miom (Metaxu gallery)