Marin Driguez

French, born in 1999, lives between Paris (France) and Brussels (Belgium).
Instagram : @marin.driguez

Marin Driguez is a French photographer born in Nantes in 1999 and based in Brussels. At the age of 14, he started to document the social struggles in Nantes, a city marked by a strong protest activity. Two years later, he published his first images in the press and began a regular collaboration with the daily Libération. He then joined the Sipa Press agency for which he covers the news.
In 2017 he started studying photography at the 75 in Brussels. He gradually moves away from the codes of photojournalism to a documentary writing, favoring long term works. In particular on the Belgian hospital, whose daily life and issues he has been documenting in depth since 2018. He continues to collaborate with various media: Libération, Le Nouvel Obs, Le Monde, Explicite, Vice, Medor, RTBF

Taking Care” series © Marin Driguez, MP#01,Fonds Régnier pour la Création / VU’
Marin Driguez is making a documentary about the Belgian public hospital. Immersed for 3 years, he tries to give a voice to the caregivers, by sharing their daily life, by questioning the notion of taking care and by evoking the richness of a hospital, a place he says he feels like a window on our world.
“To enter a hospital is to take a journey into the human condition” Anne Lévy Morelle