Léonore Zurflüh

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CHOREOGRAPHIC PIECE By Léonore ZURFLUH, with the participation of Jonathan Genêt « WEIT WEG »

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She left her parents’ home, in German-speaking Switzerland, at the age of 15.
She discovers dance in Israel and starts working with the Company of Sharon Fridman, with whom she also collaborates in the transmission of pieces from her repertoire. For 4 years she oscillates between Madrid, Israel and Paris.
Inspired and marked by the strength and exigency of the latter, she continues to work as a dancer for Kaori Ito, Ciryl Tesk, Benjamin Bertrand, David Drouard, Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, Collectif Work, Jeremy Nedd, Jean Guillaume Weiss, Cie Exlex and others.
For Benjamin Bertrand’s Radar company, she works as a creative assistant with young teenagers for the pieces Rafale and Zéphyr.
Passionate about video and image, she also collaborates with several directors as an actress or choreographer (Galeries Lafayette, Yanis, My little Paris box, Pièce d’Anarchive, Anna Rivka and others …).
Guided by intuition, she is always looking for the sincerity of the gesture, the raw emotion, the adrenaline, the strength and courage of a generous and limitless body.