Julie Charbonnier

French photographer, born in 1993
Lives in Lyon
Project supported: MP#04

A contemporary dancer by profession, she has developed a self-taught photographic practice. Her eye has developed in parallel with the construction of her body. Through her projects, she combines poetry and biography to create a symbolic and sensitive approach to intimacy. In 2023, her work was exhibited at Galerie Fisheye in Arles and in Lyon at Galerie de la Librairie à Soi.e. Recently, she began a series on adolescent love, Pour Toujours, during a workshop with Claudine Doury.

During MP#04, Julie Charbonnier will be developing her project Nos solitudes partagées, which draws on both her photography and dance practices. In this ongoing series, she isolates fragments of bodies and portraits of dancers whose intimacy she shares. These fragments attempt to reflect the solitude they share. These pieces collide, like their bodies, constantly on the move, embraced by the ephemeral. These scenic, performing bodies have learned to leave little room for suffering or doubt. Image by image, she attempts to share the vulnerability that unites them, and to reveal the beauty of the years spent getting to know them.