Yanis Kafiz

Algerian, born in 1994, lives in Paris (France)



Self-taught, Yanis Kafiz first developed his sensitivity for visual arts in Algerian associative circles in parallel with his university studies. Upon his arrival in France in 2015, nourished by questions about this crossing and this new departure, he developed and affirmed a photography envisioned as a process of self-expression.

Intention MP#01:

After “Nuages noirs” (2015/2017) and « Bande à part » (2018), Yanis Kafiz will initiate, within the framework of MP#01, the third movement of the same visual autobiography. With “Les Frontières de L,” he will address the issue of mixed Franco-Algerian couples, the mourning of love breakup, as well as the heavy past of the relationship between Algeria and France. “I question these two cultures that meet, mix, and separate in the intimate sphere ».