Layla Saâd

Belgian born in 1997, lives in Liege (Belgium)

Instagram : @layla_saad.p


A recent graduate of the Photography section of the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc Liège and winner of the Roger de Conynck 2020 prize awarded by the Fondation du Roi Baudoin, Layla Saâd’s photography is more about experience than discourse. With a freedom of styles and techniques, she explores the life of alternative worlds created on the margins of society or in reaction to its standard principles.

Intention MP#01:

Layla Saâd will develop her work on the world of squatting in Liège, for the time being entitled “NO NAME”. “My photographic work features people who have decided to live freely, differently. These people trusted me and laid themselves bare in front of my camera. These images relate their lives, their struggle and their determination to always face adversity “