Jules Jacquet

Jules Jacquet – Musical creation and sound projector
Supported project: IJSBERG – Mime show
Theater company: Compagnie Discrète

Jules Jacquet has been practicing theater, visual arts and music since childhood. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in literature with a specialization in theater, he enters both the Brassart graphic design school and the Conservatoire d’Art dramatique de Tours in 2011. During his years at the conservatory, he attended classes with Philippe Lebas, Christine Joly, Didier Girauldon and Camille Trophème. He devotes all his time to theater and music while practicing production and arrangement in a few musical projects. In 2014, he mounts Scènes de Chasse en Bavière by Martin Sperr and Lucrèce Borgia by Victor Hugo. That same year, he participates in the composition, mixing and visual creation of the EP “INVASION” of Philemon, an artist from Tours for whom he works regularly. In 2015 he finalizes the writing of the play “Les Paroles Inutiles”, which he stages for his Diploma in Theatre Studies that he obtains in 2016. The same year, he mixes the next album of Farlight, a blues-soul band from Tours. At the same time, he launches his solo project Walker Kid in which he composes, sings and plays the machines.

Horizon (2019) – Play War (2017)