Emeline Sauser

French photographer, born in 1990
Lives in Paris
Project supported: MP#04

After a hypokhâgne and khâgne in Lyon, Emeline Sauser completed a History degree in Santiago de Chile and graduated from the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography program at EMI-CFD in Paris. She loves telling stories, whether true or fictional, initially through writing and improvisational theater. In 2023, she began to explore other forms of storytelling through photography. The creative process of documentary fascinates her: meeting people, trying to understand them, capturing a stage in their lives, their intimacy, their fragilities. 

She now wishes to move away from the photojournalistic dimension and move towards a form where poems and photographs dialogue, to develop a long-term project entitled Refuges. The core of her series is reconstruction, or more precisely, what drives human beings to carry on when life falls apart. She envisions a series in three chapters, with three young people from very different backgrounds and histories, each chapter a doorway to a new universe.