Charles Xelot

Charles Xelot is one of the runner up of Prix Régnier 2019

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Charles Xelot analyzes the notions of limit and boundary. He draws parallels and symmetries between usually distinct domains and questions the world of industry in his relation to man.
Following a scientific training, he began his photographic practice as a self-taught artist. He became an assistant for Ahmet Ertug, who introduced him to shooting with a 8×10 view camera, making books, and printing. He is passionate about art book design and has collaborated with several foundations, including Neva in Geneva and Timchenko in Moscow. His practice, full of curiosity, leads him to explore social and environmental changes from the confines of the world to the margins of documentary and contemporary photography.

Expositions/ Publications
His work is regularly exhibited and published in magazines such as The British Journal of Photography, Greenpeace magazine and Le Figaro magazine. He is represented by Sit Down gallery in Paris.