Alexandre Finck

Alexandre Finck – Associate artist | Actor – Director
Supported project : IJSBERG – Mime show
Theater company: Compagnie Discrète

He began his theatrical training at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Tours. Directed by Philippe Lebas and Christine Joly, he spent four years there and obtained his CEPIT (Initial professional theater education cycle) diploma. During these four years, he met Didier Girauldon and learned the rudiments of mask and clown. At the same time, he developed the discipline of mime which he particularly liked. He was then accepted at the ERAC (Regional school of actors of Cannes) where he spent three years and obtained a degree in performing arts and his DNSPC (National Superior Professional Diploma of Acting) diploma. He met a lot of people there, notably : Laurent Gutmann, Richard Samut, Jean-Pierre Baro, Nadia Vonder Hayden, Catherine Germain, François Cervantes, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti with whom he did his exit show at the Avignon Festival (The Schroffenstein family by Kleist).

Chefs-d’Oeuvres (ou presque) (2021) – Deus Ex Mimo : “L’Emblème d’un Roi” (2021) – Sauve-Mouton (2020) – Horizon (2019) – Play War (2017) – Le Son du Silence (2014)