Adrien Fournier

Adrien Fournier – Associate artist | Actor – Director
Supported project : IJSBERG – Mime show
Theater company:
Compagnie Discrète

Trained at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Tours, Adrien acquired classical and contemporary theater training with Philippe Lebas and Christine Joly but also discovered mask work with Didier Girauldon. It is at the conservatory that he assumes his inspirations and develops an interest for mime and body work. He continues his own training in cinema in Montreal in various short films and participates in feature films with directors such as Wim Wenders and Edward Zwick. Upon returning to France, he multiplied his cinematographic experiences and fully integrated the visual inspirations of cinema through the creations of the Compagnie Discrète. He also collaborates with Erwann Jan for the Choeur du Petit Faucheux (as an actor director and comedian).

Chefs-d’Oeuvres (ou presque) (2021) – Deus Ex Mimo : “L’Emblème d’un Roi” (2021) – Sauve-Mouton (2020) – Horizon (2019) – Play War (2017) – Le Son du Silence (2014)