3 May 2021

The Fonds Régnier pour la Création is pleased to renew its support for the “LES FEMMES S’EXPOSENT” festival, whose 4th edition will be held in Houlgate, Normandy, from June 1 to August 8!

“In this historic health crisis, the festival adapts while remaining faithful to its initial double intention: to alert on the lack of parity in photography while giving, to the greatest number, access to culture. In our society, which has been under a bell for a year, this ambition seems more relevant than ever.”Béatrice Tupin, President of the festival.


The work of women photographers is insufficiently present in the press, exhibitions, museums, prizes, etc.. They earn less than their colleagues.

With this in mind, the festival LES FEMMES S’EXPOSENT values and rewards their work, all generations and categories combined (war, sports, portraits, etc.). Created in 2018, its vocation is thus to show the growing contribution of women photographers in the world of photography and media, to make their work visible.

The festival is also sensitive to the issue of democratization of access to culture; the exhibitions are free and presented in the public space.

On the 2021 program:

13 outdoor exhibitions, including 1 residency :

  • Irène Jonas / L’épaisseur du temps Link here
  • Anne-Charlotte Compan (Résidence) / Axis Mundi Link here
  • Germaine Chaumel (Hommage) / La France occupée Link here
  • Sara Aliaga Ticona / De la terre au ciel, un regard sur la Bolivie Link here
  • Lys Arango / Jusqu’à ce que le maïs repousse Link here
  • Pauline Ballet / Le Tour de France Link here
  • Tori Ferenc / Travellers Link here
  • Charlène Flores / « Ils ne peuvent pas tous nous tuer » Link here
  • Julie Glassberg / Célèbres inconnus Link here
  • Emilienne Malfatto / Le dernier Éden Link here
  • Justyna Mielnikiewicz / Haut-Karabagh, conflit sur les montagnes Link here
  • Katie Orlinsky / Chasing winter Link here
  • Lynn Wu / Créatures marines Link here

& 3 prizes for works on various themes;

& 2 educational projects, presented in the form of exhibition. Link here

The weekend of meetings with the photographers is scheduled from June 11 to 13.

For more information: